Bart Baggett Photo Bio

Bart Baggett is best known for being the world’s top forensic handwriting expert. He both solves crimes and analyzes people with a level of critical thinking few is his field has mastered. His professional background in forensic document examination and navigating the legal system as a highly paid expert witness has turned him into an ethical beacon of truth and “crusader for justice” in courtrooms nationwide. His personal interest in people, psychology and the self-improvment genre has motivated him to write a number of best selling books to help the readers find their own emotions freedom.  Empresse Publishing: The Magic Question and Succes Secrets of the Rich, and Happy.[1]  As a comedian, Baggett is a regular on stand-up comedy stages and even opened for John Cleese and Camilla Cleese at the 2022 FreedomFest Punching Up Comedy Festival.  As part of his book marketing tours, he has appeared as a celebrity guest on 1500 radio and TV shows including Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and Howard Stern.

“I have the gift of having deep conversations the rest of the world doesn’t usually get to have. I have access to people that other people will never get to sit down and talk to. And I think that’s really compelling,” said Baggett in a statement. “It’s really a gift to my fanbase to be able to sit with me and my rockstar friends and have conversations about love, life, money, and things that matter in a very uncensored and unfiltered way.”

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